Gopal BaglayI’m pleased to note that the sixth edition on the Colombo International Maritime and Logistics Conference will be held in Colombo at a time Sri Lanka needs international investments and support. I have been with the conference since 2015 as its patron. I have seen the high standards brought in by this event and also bringing in new thinking to the industry to make shipping and logistics a key pillar of the regional economic growth and help Sri Lanka to use its geographic position to support global maritime and supply chain industries through development of the overall logistics sector.

I also believe that post Covid global economy will have trade shifts and international transportation and connectivity will play a key role in shaping the future economic direction of Sri Lanka and region itself.

I therefore, take this opportunity to congratulate the organizers and extend my fullest support and corporation to make this Conference a success.

Karu Jayasuritya

Gopal BaglayThe International Maritime & Logistics Conference being held in Colombo in November 2022 is a timely initiative that would enable dialog among various stakeholders associated with international trade, maritime and logistics with Sri Lanka.

Gopal BaglayI’m very happy to note that the “Colombo International Maritime & Logistics Conference”, organized by CIMC Events, is going to be held on 1-2 November 2022 in Colombo. I am confident that this event will bring together relevant stake holders from the region and beyond to engage in a meaningful dialog for enhancing maritime connectivity, supply chain sustainability and international trade; and also for better networking, camaraderie and understanding between the shipping communities. All these are particularly crucial for our region at this challenging time.