Message from the President Ranil Wickramasingha

ranil wickremesingheThe government of Sri Lanka has identified the country’s role as a strategic player in the Indian Ocean to support global trade by facilitating and expanding logistics services. The government under my leadership is committed to making Sri Lanka a key logistics centre in the world. Among major economic sectors that can help revive the Sri Lankan economy, I believe logistics to be a game changer. The key markets around us, India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, give us new opportunities to make use of our location and its major ports of Colombo, Hambanthota and Trincomalee to convert Sri Lanka into a global centre for supply chain connectivity through logistics services.

Given the economic challenges faced currently by Sri Lanka, greater emphasis must be given to the export industry. To do that, we need to connect to global supply chains by using the island’s unique and strategic location to play a prominent role in the international logistics industry. 

As the President, I am committed to fostering partnerships with global shipping and logistics giants in the sector and will open the industry to foreign direct investment by eliminating any barriers for entry, and ensure greater competitiveness. With International partners we can potentially make Sri Lanka the hub of Asia. I am aware that speed and cost are key elements to be competitive in today’s post-covid trading environment where trade shifts are being witnessed and new supply chain solutions are looked at by the logistics industry including e-commerce. The island is ideally located to provide such services and economies of scale to east-west trade passing through the Indian Ocean and support our regional growth as well.

In this context, the Colombo International Maritime and Logistics Conference 2022 is of great significance as it is the first mega-conference held in Sri Lanka as a post-covid event. It will open new opportunities for Sri Lanka. I take this opportunity to wish the organisers of the event, great success.

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Final HEs message Maritime Conference page 0001